How much does your bundles weigh?
Each bundle weights 3.5oz/100 grams.
Can I color the hair?
Yes we recommend you have a licensed stylist to apply the color process. 
What does double drawn means?
The term double drawn means thick and voluptuous hair from top to bottom.    
How many bundles are needed?  
12 inches- 14inches (2bundles) 
16inches-20inches (3bundles) 
22inches-26inches (4bundles) 
28inches-32inches (5bundles)    
Keep in mind the longer the bundles the less hair, so make sure you order enough bundles to achieve the full look. 
Can I flat iron the hair?
Yes you May flat iron the hair using a heat protectant. 
How long does the hair last?
Honestly it can last a life time with proper care, it’s raw hair so treat the hair like you would treat your own hair at all times for proper treatment.  
What is co-washing?
Co- washing means you will shampoo your hair bundles using only conditioner to assure the moisture and shine in the hair, it hydrate the hair. 
How to track your packages?
You will receive an email with a shipment confirmation with a tracking number as soon as it’s shipped.
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